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Summer Huddle
Colourful Ballpit 

Event masthead for Ballpit photo booth

The Summer Huddle event at EX8 Subang Jaya promises to be a fantastic experiences, featuring a wide range of activities and an ambience filled with energy, relaxation, and a sense of adventure. This event is all about creating a vibrant and memorable atmosphere with lively Instamedia’s Ballpit!

Ballpit photo booth
Overall setup for Ballpit photo booth
Ballpit photo booth

Event Highlight

Instamedia’s Ballpit photobooth section, which offers guests a carefree and joyful experience. Guest can immerse themselves in the colourful Ballpit and snap fun and candid photos. What makes it even better is that guests will receive digital photo frames displaying their captured moments, making it a perfect keepsake through their mobile phone ON-THE-GO!

Ballpit photo booth
Ballpit photo booth
Overall setup for ballpit photo booth
Ballpit photobooth setup as one of the brand activties for team building
Ballpit photo booth
Guest having fun in playing all the balls in ballpit photo booth
Guest is having a fun time in ballpit photo booth
Guest enjoys playful moment in ballpit photobooth, smiling and posing for the camera.
Guest immersed in laughter while playing in the ballpit photobooth, creating cherished memories filled with happiness.
Ballpit photo booth

Witness the fabulous moments, the laughter, and the stunning fashion that brought the glam to the night, turning every pose into a masterpiece. Strike a pose with Instamedia’s 360 Spin Cam photobooth, capturing memories that'll last a lifetime! Check out the dazzling frames and let the fashion magic unfold!


Glamour, Style, and Innovation all in one night. Instamedia's 360 Spin Cam photobooth that adds a dynamic touch, capturing every angle of the models. Fun poses, movements, and expressions, adding a playful and lively ambience to the event.

Ballpit photo booth
Ballpit photo booth
Guests showing off their happy takeaways from our Ballpit photobooth
Guests having fun in ballpit photo booth event
Event banner

The event offers live music, and performances, ensuring a lively and festive atmosphere throughout the day. Guests can savor a variety of delicious summer-themed snacks and refreshing drinks from food vendors and beverage stations.

Instamedia’s Ballpit photobooth not only adds to the events’s fun also solves the challenge of capturing and preserving memories effortlessly. To engage with the vibrant energy of the event, we invite you to join the excitement! Don’t miss out - make sure to visit Instamedia Ballpit photobooth. It’s heart of the action and where the fun happens.

The Output


iPad Display           +           Custom Branding Design

Instant Processing           +           Convenient & User-friendly          +           Data Collection

Custom Interface          +           Gamification          +           Custom Interactive Games


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